Tips on Taking of national exam



Derived from the Tech Lectures  Review for the National Exam Manual/Workbook


    Before the Exam


    1. The day before the exam take in a movie, watch television. A relaxed brain is a more effective brain. If you have studied for this exam, your mind will continue to prepare itself even while you're relaxing.


    2. Get plenty of rest. Don't stay up until 3 a.m. cramming.


    3. On the day of exam. Wake up refreshed, have a good breakfast and walk into the exam room with a smile on your face.


    What to do during the Exam


    1. Prepare yourself for the test by arriving early. This often leaves time to relax.


    2. Avoid the question, "How much did you study for this exam?" This may only fuel the anxiety that you didn't study enough.


    3. Realize the exam is 90 multiple choice questions and you have 110 minutes to complete it. This is more than enough time.


    4. Jot down memory aids such as your memorized conversions, facts, or other material you know you'll need and might forget. Do this on the scratch board that is given to you.


    5. Allow yourself initially and through out the exam a few minutes to calm down and avoid test anxiety.


        a. Focus your attention on a specific object. Examine details of your desk top, touch the

         surface and notice the texture.


        b. Visualize success. How happy you will be when you find out that you passed this exam.


    6. Answer each question in your head before you look at the possible answers. If you can come up with the answer before you look at the choices, you eliminate the possibility of being confused by those choices.


    7. Mark questions you can't answer immediately and come back to them later after you have answered questions that you can answer.  The computer program is user friendly and will allow you to mark the questions you want to come back to.


        a. Can't answer questions


        If 2 answers are similar, except for one or two words choose one these answers


        If two quantities are almost the same, choose one


        If answers cover a wide range (4.5, 66.7, 88.7, 90.1, 500.1), choose one in the middle of the



        If worse comes to worse, then guess. Do not leave a question unanswered. Unanswered

        questions are graded as incorrect.


    8. Make sure the answer you mark corresponds to the question you are answering.


    Good Luck!