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Low Cost Review Material for the National Exam

NCPT Review for the National Exam

Study Packet

    Pass the Pharmacy Technician National Exam Study Packet!

                NCPT Price:  $40.00

    NCPT is now offering its very own Review for the Pharmacy Technician National Exam study-packet that contains the following:

        2-time APEX National Award winning Review Manual/Workbook
        (updated 2018) 

        300 Multiple-Choice Questions/Answers in Manual Format

        2 On-line practice exams (120 questions) similar in format to the  national exams

        Free email support!

    This is not a vocational school or on-line program, but a self-paced study course with free email support and a way to get only required materials that will give you the necessary tools in the passing of the national exam!

    With this in mind, you need not pay thousands of dollars for on-line programs or tens of thousands of dollars for vocational programs of which most are simply diploma mills to begin with and are no guarantee you will pass the national exam!

    If you put the necessary effort into your studying, there is no reason why you should not be more than ready to take the examIf you are not sure, look at this as an attempt to pass the national exam on your own with the tools you need to help you along at an affordable price.  If you do not pass, then go spend the thousands of dollars others want you to pay, which again is no guarantee you will pass     as well.   But, just think if you DO pass the national exam using only the Tech Lectures Study guide ... all the money you saved my friend!

                                             Problems ordering, just call NCPT to order at:  303-984-9877