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Giving Back to its Members

NCPT Membership Dollars Fund


What many do not understand is that the Consortium of Pharmacy Technicians (NCPT) is not like other organizations at all. For one, we will have a Membership Dollar Fund.

A deduction of $5.00 will be made from each Founding membership due received and placed in the NCPT Membership Dollar Fund.

The Membership Dollar Fund will be used for Founding members of NCPT as they want it to be used.  To date we have given:   $7340 Cash, Credit Card drawings $2650, 194 in free memberships, 212 in free 20 hour CE Packets and 72 free IV Manuals. 

Example: One member cannot afford to pay for the PTCB exam, with a passing vote we can go into our Membership Dollars Fund to help sponsor this person in registering for the national exam from 60.00 to 129.00.

Realize the more members we have, the more money can be used for NCPT members in need.

No we are not like any other organization...

To Date:
$7340 cash given to our members!

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