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As our membership base grows ... the better we can INFORM

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Letter Writing Campaigns

The National Consortium of Pharmacy Technicians (NCPT) believes in pursuing the betterment of the Pharmacy Technician vocation and will from time to time involve its membership base in letter writing campaigns to those who need to recognize the Pharmacy Technician vocation for what it truly is in the need for higher wages and respect earned.  

These letters will be made by NCPT on-line for those members who would like to simply sign or fill in the blanks to send to legislatures, attorney generals, state board of pharmacies, employers, organizations, etc.,  who use our vocation in an inappropriate manner. 

Why letter writing campaigns?

Because nothing else has worked.   It is important to not just talk the talk, but to actually walk the walk.  Too many stomp on the Pharmacy Technician vocation by offering low wages and less than earned respect.  Far too many simply use our vocation as a source of great wealth in the name of serving its individual needs.   So simply said, and to repeat the NCPT stance, because nothing else has worked. 

Letters for members to see and utilize will become available in February 2019!