All Lectures Updated 2018

     1 Basic Pharmacology   3 hrs
      2 -  About Diabetes    3 hrs
      3 -  The Respiratory System  3 hrs
      4 -  About Antibiotics   4 hrs
      5 -  About Epilepsy  3 hrs
      6 -  About Analgesics   4 hrs
      7 -  Cardiovascular  System  3 hrs
      8 -  Hyperalimentations   3 hrs
      9 -  Psychiatric Drugs   4 hrs
      10 -  Reproduction  4 hrs
      11 -  About AIDS  3 hrs 
      12 -  Chemotherapy  4 hrs
      13 -  Retail Calculations   4 hrs
      14 -  Hospital Calculations   4 hrs
      15 -  Herbal Medicine  3 hrs
      16 -  Pharmacy Regulations  3 hrs
      17 -  IV Admixtures  3 hrs
      18 -  Drugs of Abuse   3 hrs
      19 -  About Headaches  3 hrs
      20 -  Assisting the Pharmacist  3 hrs
      21-  The Glucose Monitor  3 hrs
      22 -  Compounding   3 hrs
      23 -  About Depression   3 hrs
      24 -  About Generics  3 hrs
    25 -  Nuclear Pharmacy  3 hrs
      26 -  About Allergies   3 hours 
      27 -  Pharmacokinetics Math  6 hrs
      28.  About the Digestive System
      29 -  Patient Safety - Aseptic Technique
      30 -  Patient Safety -  Med Errors
      31.  Law - About HIPAA
      32.  Law -  USP 800        New

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Welcome to Tech Lectures                                         for the Pharmacy Technician

Institutional Lecture Packet

In an attempt to help Instructors in the preparation time of coming up with lecture material and in the making of exams, Tech Lectures has done the work for you.


Tech Lectures is proud to present its 520 page Institutional Lecture Packet specifically for Pharmacy Technician Programs, other Allied Health curriculum, or individual Pharmacy Technicians who want to learn.


Each Lecture is prepared in an easy to follow format for the instructor of a basic Pharmacology Course.  

The Institutional Packet contains 32 individual Lectures  (left hand side)


Each individual Lecture contains the following:


     Individual Lecture of a Disease State

      Drugs most commonly used for that Disease State

      Examination for that Lecture

      Key to Examination


The reality is that Pharmacy Technicians will not do counseling and need not know the Technical aspects of Pharmacology. These Lectures were developed to allow the Technician a basic understanding and appreciation of Disease States and Drug Therapy.


The Institutional Packet is derived from ASHP approved Pharmacy Technician program curriculum and is used currently by 18 Pharmacy Technician Programs (including 7 Community Colleges) as the basis of their Pharmacology curriculum. The easiness of a prepared Lecture has proven to be most beneficial to both Pharmacist and Technician instructors.


Currently the price of the Institutional Pharmacology Packet is $320.00 which includes handling and shipping via priority mail and a free copy of the 2018 National Award winning Review for the Pharmacy Technician Exam manual/workbook.


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  (PTCB) and the Institute in the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) for

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