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Welcome to Tech Lectures                                         for the Pharmacy Technician

CE Packets


Our CE meets PTCB guidelines and has been used by over 37,000 Pharmacy Technicians for recertification purposes since 1996.


Lecture are sent via priority mail and sent spiral bound


You can order either Packet One or Two or Pick your own Lectures


 Our Pre-selected Packet One -  21 hours        only $32         Click to order packet one


            Lecture 15 - About Herbal Medicine  

            Lecture 18 -  About Drugs of Abuse

            Lecture 19 -  About Headaches

            Lecture 20 -  Law CE -  Assisting the Pharmacist      Pharmacy Law

            Lecture 23 -  About Depression

            Lecture 24 -  About Generics

            Lecture 30 -  Patient Safety -  Med Errors in Rx        Patient Safety




  Our Pre-selected Packet Two -  21 hours      only $32           Click to order Packet two 


            Lecture 5 -  About Herbal Medicine

            Lecture 21 -  About the Glucose Monitor

            Lecture 22 -  About Compounding

            Lecture 25 -  About Nuclear Pharmacy

            Lecture 26 -  About Allergies

            Lecture 29 -  Aseptic Technique         Patient Safety  

            Lecture 31 -  About HIPAA                  Pharmacy Law




    Pick your own lectures that add up to 20 or 21 hours   only $42


                                                                                          Click to order your own packet 



                                           Problems ordering?  Call:  303-984-9877



   Much of Tech Lectures material has been accepted for use from American Society of Health

    System Pharmacists (ASHP) as accredited curriculum to be taught in a Pharmacy Technician

    program. Tech Lectures CE is accepted by both the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

    (PTCB) and the Institute in the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) for recertification

    purposes.   Tech Lectures is also endorsed by the National Consortium of Pharmacy Technicians (NCPT).



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