About   NCPT


The National Consortium of Pharmacy Technicians (NCPT) founded November of 2012 is a for-profit international organization created to help those Pharmacy Technicians or those wanting to be Pharmacy Technicians in the offering of excellent free and affordable materials of educational value in preparing for the national Pharmacy Technician exam(s) or, for those nationally certified, Pharmacy Technician specific continuing education for recertification purposes.


1) National award winning review material will always be substantially less than the cost of other providers.


2) Continuing Education will always be much less than the cost of other providers, including 21 hours of FREE CE. Our CE is accepted by PTCB for recertification purposes.


NCPT is not a representative organization per say, but will pursue letter writing campaigns, with its membership permission, to those who need information as far as the importance/needs of those working within the Pharmacy Technician vocation. This would include, but not limited to: Federal and State Legislatures, Pharmacy Employers and Organizations that harm our vocation.


NCPT will offer a Membership Dollar Fund for its members to use as they want. The sum of $5.00 will be placed in the Membership Dollar Fund from each membership due received.


NCPT will offer a way to network with other Pharmacy Technicians through the internet in social forums such as Face book, etc and a website that will be full of useful and pertinent information to help in personal and professional growth.


NCPT will depend on word-of-mouth advertising, as this organization is not about getting the most members. NCPT believes in only having those members who believe in the organization and for what it represents. No money derived from membership dues will be used for marketing purposes.


Three years membership dues will be affordable, less than one fourth what other national organizations charge, currently only $36. All money derived from membership dues will be used for its membership base except for money needed to help with costs associated with materials NCPT may encounter, such as Review manuals/workbooks and CE spiral bound manuals. The operation of this organization will be voluntarily only.


Depending on the growth of NCPT, public events such as seminars or convention will be offered on a yearly basis for its membership base. Cost of such events will always be less than what others charge.


In conclusion, NCPT is only about serving the individual needs of its membership base and nothing more.


NCPT is unlike any other organization !